Alliance subscribes to the following precepts of Quality Service:

  1. To meet the home health, hospice and palliative care needs of patients and their families.
    a. To remain sensitive to and be appreciative of the ethnic, cultural, religious, spiritual and
    lifestyle diversity of patients and their families.
    b. To ascertain and honor the wishes, concerns, priorities and values of the patients consistent
    with the law and the organization’s values as stated in its policies.
    c. To support, affirm and empower the families as caregivers.
    d. To acknowledge and respond with sensitivity to the interruption of privacy that is necessitated
    by care at home; enter no further into family life and affairs than is required to meet goals of
    the plan of care, with respect to confidentiality and protection of patient information.
    e. To provide quality home care, hospice and palliative care services in a timely manner to all
    who qualify regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnic background, or ability to
    f. To recognize the vulnerability of those who receive care, and thus refrain from accepting
    personal gifts.
  2. Our Goal at Alliance will always focus on precepts that improve patient care and quality of life. View our vision and mission statements for more information on the way we feel about what we  do. 

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